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If you LiVe in the U.S.

Ask your dentist about a prescription for Snore Guard®

Snore Guard® is clinically proven to help eliminate the problem of snoring.

Snore Guard® helps prevent snoring before it starts! The comfortable design aligns your jaw in a comfortable forward position keeping your airway open and clear, so you and your spouse can get a great night’s rest.

How Snore Guard® Works

Snore Guard® is a small intra-oral (in the mouth) device used only during sleep. It helps prevent the jaw and tongue from dropping back into the throat and restricting the air passage. Keeping the air-way open greatly reduces snoring.

In the U.S., Snore Guard® is professionally fitted by a dentist. It has a unique inner lining that is softened by heat during the fitting process (similar to custom athletic mouth guards). The unit is custom fit to your individual needs. It fits snugly over your top teeth while you sleep and is designed to keep your lower jaw in a comfortable forward position. This keeps your airway open, helping to eliminate snoring.

  • Ask your dentist for Snore Guard®
  • Accept no substitutes
  • Simple, comfortable, patented, easy to fit, one-piece design that really works
  • No multiple pieces, wires or
    elastic bands